How to Unlock Your Maximum Potential in Business & Life

business coaching hurdles potential Aug 13, 2023

Coaching is 🔑 key to reaching your maximum potential and overcoming the emotional and physical hurdles that come with building a business.

It's not a lack of marketing that's stopping your business from growing, it's a lack of coaching!

When I started my business in 2017, I was starting from scratch. I had no website, no email list and no connections.

I also had no network.

The only people I knew were the ones I went to college and church with.

But what I did have was coaching.

Coaching opened my mind up to possibilities by teaching me the ability to ask better questions to get better results!

Instead of thinking "I can't host a conference because I'm a new coach and no network", I thought "How can I create a network in 30 days so I can host a conference" and I got to work.

I researched local events and joined a networking group called BNI. Twice a week (at least!), I would go to an event where I knew NO ONE! It was uncomfortable for an introvert like me but I and my mentors coached me through it!

That willingness to ask a different question AND take action resulted in 10 women coming to the event, 3 women signing up for my coaching program, and my first 5 figure month!

And the principles haven't changed!

If you want to see a quantum leap in your business, you can!

It starts with be willing to be coached! (Good news... you can coach yourself or work with a professional!)

Here are 5 questions to help you get started:

1. What do I desire?
2. What are 3 ways my desires can happen?
3. What obstacle can I overcome and what are 5 ways I can overcome it?
4. Am I willing to do what it takes to carry out 3? If not why?
5. If I were fully committed to reaching my goal and fully believed it was possible, what actions would I take? What decisions would I make?

Use the 5 questions above the get started coaching yourself on your current goal.

Want to watch my FREE Training Series on how to coach yourself and create success in your business? Comment "Self-Coach"!


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