Ready to make your first 6-figures in your God-Led Business? Let me show you the way!

Hi! I’m Angel – podcast host and business mentor specializing in helping coaches & service providers start their business from scratch and make their first 10K to 100K while avoiding the pitfalls Christian women fall into so they have a business with profit and purpose (not an expensive hobby)!

I'm ready to build and grow!

Learn How to Glorify God and Make Your 1st 10K  Your Business w/My Planner!

Grab a copy of my God Led Business Planner ($99 value) to get clear on your niche, your customer, your product and how to plan your marketing so you know how to start actually making money and getting to help the people God has called you to serve!

Growing a successful business requires the right mindset, having clarity on your customers, and having a working marketing and revenue plan. This planner helps you with each of these areas!

Hi, I'm Angel!

My mission is to Christian women avoid the mistakes and build their business right from the start!

I went from running a non-profit that only made $500 in 3 years to running a 6 figure business that allows me to travel the world and work from home. It allowed me to quit my daytime job, get published by Forbes and publish 2 Amazon bestsellers.

My Mission: I have help other women just like you create online programs and grow their business. One example is Karissa Littlejohn who was able to leave her job and work in her business full time after seven months in my program.

I created this program because we as women give and give and give. We deserve to receive as well. We deserve to receive compensation for our knowledge, our experience and our help. Thats what the Academy helps you do.

 Hear From A Few of Our Beautiful & Talented Clients!

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You absolutely can!

It starts with having the right plan...skills to implement it and praying along with the way...

1 on 1 Private Mentoring

Extraordinary Results

Feel supported! Feel clear! And grow faster in six months than you have in a year with this high level of support in my Extraordinary Results 1:1 Coaching Program!

Think the Private Jet of Coaching! Extraordinary Results give you access to all my courses (so you learn the skills you need), all my templates s(o you don't ever have to start from scratch or spend money on tech or design), and weekly time with me so you can build your business quickly without ever feeling lost or overwhelmed!

The momentum you make in this program is nothing short of extraordinary!

Ready for Extraordinary Results!
Group Coaching

Christian CEO

Building your business doesn't have to be hard and boring! It can be fun!

You can make lifelong friendships and enjoy unique experiences along the way while you learn how to create AND monetize your brand from start to finish.

Inside the Academy, you learn the proven framework that helps you create your business in the right order so they create results faster, and save time and money! 

Dive in now!


Browse my shop for programs, masterclasses & templates that make it easier for you to build your brand, start your business, and start helping the clients you want to support!

Need help understanding how to use social media to get a client? I got you covered! Not sure what to say on a sales call, I have a workshop for that!

My shop has workshops you can purchase and watch instantly to get the help you need!

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Christian went from just a business idea to being an Amazon Bestseller in 6 months!

Using the framework taught in my Road to Wealth Program, Christian started her business, created her services, prices, website, wrote her first book and became an Amazon Bestseller all in less than 6 months!

She also enjoyed a television appearance, paid speaking gig and getting paid by client for financial consultations! 

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Verna Made Her First 6 Figures!

Using the framework taught in my Road to Wealth Program, Verna doubled her income from the previous year and made her first 6 figures while in my Extraordinary Results, Private Mentorship program!

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Karissa Quit Her Job After 7 Months in Road to Wealth!

After 7 months in my group coaching program, Karissa had replaced the income she made annually in her full-time  job from the money she made in the business she started after attending my Business Beach Retreat and enrolling in my group coaching program.

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