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The Christian CEO Academy Helps You Ditch Having an Expensive Hobby & Tranform Your Business Into a Profitable AND Purposeful One!

Learn the skills, strategies and mindset tools you need to create consistent income from doing what you love so live a life of abundance and impact!



Ready for more money and more impact!

Sis... quick question... did you start a business, or have something you'd like to get paid for, but right now it feels like an expensive hobby?

I can relate because I've been there!

From 2012-2015, I used money from my 9-5 job to finance my non-profit. During those 3 years, I had an office space, business cards, got to tell kids/adults about Jesus, and was able to help people doing what I enjoyed.


From the outside looking in, it probably seemed like I had it “all”


But the truth was, I wasn’t serving at the highest quality I could, because the business wasn’t making any money. My expenses kept growing and my energy (from working full-time and volunteering in my non-profit on nights and weekends) was dwindling.


Combine this with my health issues and it was becoming a mess. When I’m in a pain crisis, my entire body aches with pain and it can feel debilitating.

My Breaking Point!

 One particular week, I wasn’t feeling well at all but I, as we women do, pushed on. 

I pushed and went to work even though I was hurting and exhausted and it took so much effort just to think and be normal.

That weekend, I pushed and showed up to the taping we had scheduled in my non-profit for the kids. I remember ordering pizza for the kids and the parents of the kids starting requesting lasagna and salads for them...because they didn’t want pizza.



Here I was, not feeling well at all, but showing up on a Saturday to help their kids make a Christian tv show, they were not paying a thing, the parents didn’t even have to be there, and truthfully, the parents should have been volunteering to bring the kids food and snacks, but instead, they were criticizing my food selection and requesting a different menu for the parents.

My job was not to feed the parents!

To be honest, I did go ahead and order salad and lasagna for the parents since they requested, but that was also the last taping we had.

That was my aha that this expensive hobby (a non-profit where I had spent a few thousands and hundreds of hours in, and made not even a fraction of it back) was not going to work.

That “lasagna” moment was when I knew need things had to change!  

So I started over. I completely let go of that business model and asked God to help me with my next season.


I knew I wanted to do something I enjoy, I knew I wanted to help people, I knew I wanted to be a light and spread the love of Jesus, and I also knew I needed to make MAJOR changes and Make money too!

I knew along with IMPACT, I had to make INCOME a focus. I had learned first hand that by limiting my business income, I was limiting the impact my business could make.

In June 2016, after having did everything wrong, and knowing I could help women avoid those mistakes, I said aloud “I’m a Coach”. I remember it because just a month before, I had been talking to my Godmother about coaches and how her daughter could be one. I remember thinking, oh yeah she could but not realizing or believing I could until God told me…hence me saying it outloud in June 2016.

Within 3 months I had my first client and I was elated! 🤩🙏🏻🤩🙏🏻

Before the end of the year, I had made my first $1,200 and still remember driving to pick up the check! (I know paper checks are super old school but I was just excited to get the money!!).

January 2017, despite the advice of my coach, I held my first one day event which resulted in 3 private clients and August 2017 I celebrated my first 15K month! 

I share the numbers because God did it. God helped me go from $535.00 in 3 years to $15,000 months.

I share the numbers because despite having what can feel at times like a debilitating health condition, God is still a miracle worker.

He allowed me to create a business with over 7 streams of income. 


He allowed me to create a business where I get to work from home, travel when I desire, spend as much time with my family as I want, help people everyday, have 4 day weekends every week. 

He helped me create a business where I work part-time, from my house, making 6-9K/month doing what I enjoy!

 He showed me the formula... and I and my clients have used the same formula to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars!  


While in the Christian CEO - VIP Edition, Verna doubled her income and made her first 6 figures.

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You Can Do This! Just Like They Have... 

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Christian of Do Better Financial

While in our 12 month program, Christian launched her business, wrote and published an Amazon Bestseller, celebrated her first sales, paid speaking gigs and more!


It's your time to have a lasting breakthrough inside the Christian CEO!

It's is the only program you need to build the sustainable income you're looking to create and finally enjoy for yourself!



Because after helping clients create 5 and 6 figure businesses, and doing it myself, and just doing by working non-stop, but doing it in a way where I get to enjoy life and prioritize my health and family, I know exactly what you need to know and what you don't!

What Most Programs Do:

  • Teach one skill that helps with one area of your business
  • Give you generic advice or coaching without really understanding your unique circumstances
  • Have different coaches for each week so you don't get the comprehensive support that comes from a coach seeing someone seeing your patterns and blind spots
  • Expect you to hire out for the tech part, the graphics part, etc!

What This Program Does:

  • Teaches you all the skills you need to make your first 50K-100K!
  • Teaches you the foundational and advanced business strategies so you understand how to host a successful launch whenever you want
  • Give you Business & Mindset Coaching with the same person so you get the support you need to keep up your momentum
  • Templates from everything to websites to program banner graphics so you save time and money
  • Step by step tech tutorials so you don't get stuck or overwhelmed

 What's Inside?

Module 1: Embodying Success 

To create  5 and 6 figure business from scratch, it requires letting go of who you've been and stepping into a new identity. In this module, you learn how to use narrative psychology to step into the best version of ourselves, the "you" that God sees!

Lessons Inside:

  • Identity of a CEO
  • Abundance as a Birthright
  • Tools for Becoming unstoppable
  • Permission to Expand
  • Cast your vision
  • Purpose Deposits

Module 2: The Uplevel

The Uplevel is where you learn how to take your online presence to next level so you can take your income to the next level as well. 

Lessons Inside:

  • Virtuous Ventures: Aligning Faith and Business Values
  • Upgrading Your Brand
  • Establishing Your Presence
  • Initial Visibility Methods
  • Goals With Purpose 
  • 6 Figure Revenue Planning

Module 3: Client Attraction System

Getting clients requires intention. In this module you flush out your products and services and create your initial strategy to make your first 10K!

Lessons Inside:

  • The client attraction formula
  • Product Ladder of Transformation
  • Low Tech Sales

Module 4: 5K Months Marketing

Social media, Speaking, Webinars, we cover it all! In this module you learn how to marketing so you see RESULTS from your efforts.

 Lessons included:

  • Building Your Network
  • Building Your Audience
  • Online Strategies- social media, YouTube, podcasts, blogs, ads, 
  • Offline Strategies- speaking, tv, radio, newspapers, billboards
  • Marketing strategies for the expert entrepreneurs - challenge, masterclass, conference, summit
  • High tech sales
  • The “Consistent 5K Months” Method 

Module 5: Thought Leader System

Get clients coming to you and seeking you out by becoming an authority in your industry (even if you're new!). I show you how in this module.

Lessons include:

  • Writing Your Amazon Bestseller
  • Launching a Podcast That Sells
  • “Get Booked” Speaker Kit
  • Fame For Good - TV & News Coverage

Module 6: Mindset of a 6 Figure CEO

 It takes momentum + action to get results. Keep up your momentum by getting the support you need when it comes to your mindset.

 Lessons include:

  • How to Fix It When It Doesn’t Work
  • Emotional Management
  • “Minding What Matters” Double Down on Mindset Work
  • Quantum Leap Formula
  • Manifesting Miracle Formula
  • Belief Triad System
  • Motivation Codes

Module 7: Manifesting Abundance

Lessons Included:

  • Operating From Faith
  • Kicking Yourself Into Action 
  • Thought Work Method
  • Manifesting Laws & the Bible 

Module 8: Money Mogul

Lessons Inside: 

  • Social Media Funnels
  • Youtube Funnels
  • Passive Income Funnels
  • Affiliate Marketing 

Why is NOW the perfect time to sign up?

  • So you can stop giving so much of your precious time to a job that doesn’t light you up
  • So you can stop playing small with the vision God has given you
  • So you can stop having to cover expenses in your business with income from your job/family money 

And you can...

  • Start waking up and getting to focus full-time on your business or ministry
  • Have enough money coming in to hire team members to do the parts of your business you don’t enjoy
  • Finance your family’s next vacation
  • Have your first 3K, 5K, 10k month?
  • Make your first 5 figures
  • Have people sending you dms and emails asking to work with you
  • Start getting called by major networks for paid speaking gigs or interviews


If you are ready to say "Goodbye" to having an expensive hobby, if you're ready to stop signing up course after course looking for "the solution", if you're ready to welcome in a much deserved season of abundance in your business, it's time to join the Academy!

The Christian CEO is a business building program that has the guidance, accountability, mindset support you need to shift into your season of abundance.

It's the only program that combines biblical principles + psychology + business strategy so you have everything you need to be successful using our Purpose & Profit Framework!

It's Time To Make The Right Kind of Change!

Pick the level below that best suits the level of support you desire!


All levels of support receive lifetime access to the Christian CEO Curriculum & lifetime access to the curriculum and templates!

This lets you revisit certain parts when you need you to (I.E. Every time you do a launch, you can let the Launch Lessons in the Marketing Module guide you through it!

Easy Pay


today and 8 remaining payments billed monthly

  • Christian CEO Curriculum ($9,997)
  • Monthly Business  Coaching ($6,000)
  • Monthly Mindset Coaching ($6,000)
  • Monthly Tech Q&A ($6,000)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • BONUS: 6 Figure Business Template Bundle: Website, Blog, Sales Page, Course, and Graphic Design  ($3,997 value) 

Total = Over $31,500 value

All In! I'm so ready!

Pay in Full


today, and 11 remaining monthly payments

  • Christian CEO Curriculum ($9,997)
  • Monthly Business Coaching ($6,000)
  • Monthly Mindset Coaching ($6,000)
  • Monthly Tech Q&A ($6,000)
  • 6 Figure Business Template Bundle: Website, Blog, Sales Page, Course, and Graphic Design  ($3,997 value) 
  • Bonus: 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session ($750)
  • Inner Circle: Weekly Slack/Email Support ($6,000)
  • BONUS: Ticket to Spring Retreat - March 2024 ($4,500)

Total = Over $42,500 value

All In! I'm so ready!

In the Christian CEO, Karissa Left Her Day Job in 7 Months Because She Replaced Her Income!

When Karissa came to my retreat she had a non-profit and a business that wasn't bringing in a lot. She was selling workshops at $40 here and there. After creating a new buisness model at my beach retreat, then being in the Academy for 7 months, she replaced her yearly salary from her day job with income from her dream business. Now, Karissa gets to follow her passion and travel the world!

You're interested... You think it's a good fit... but you have a few questions...

I get it... I didn't tell anyone about first investment until I got my first client because I was scared they would think something was wrong with me.

That's why I've included answers to some of the questions you might have below!

If you don't see the answer to your question, message me on Instagram at @angelthecoach or book a call with me here to get them answered!

What's It's Like to Be a Member Inside the Christian CEO!

You make incredible progress very quickly and get support along the way! You can hear from past clients below!