You have a message... you have a calling... you have a God given gift

And you're ready to share it with the world ... but you're not sure how to reach them... 6 Figure Christian CEO will help you reach them and make your first 50K-100K doing it!

So listen, I know you're here because you're ready to really grow your business but you're not sure how.

I get it, in fact I've been there!

In my first business, I had a lot of fun, helped a lot of people, and had created what could best be described as an expensive hobby. Can you relate?

I enjoyed what I did. It was a non-profit where I helped children 6-16 get on-camera experience by creating Christian short films and television shows. Every Thursday and Saturday, I was helping and creating. The media production side of things was a breeze, the struggle was actually making money.

I was working during the day to invest in my business and I was ready to start to see a financial return. It was attending a three day business conference that led to my breakthrough. After the conference, I set out on a road that took me from making $500 in three years to making over $40,000 into years.​ 

Its this experience, along with my corporate and non-profit experience that I bring to the table to help you develop and grow your business into the level you desire.

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Yes! I'm Ready to Create Extraordinary Results!

You don't have to waste time jumping from program to program not seeing the growth you really want.

What We Do

Over the last two years, our clients have gone from 5 to 6 figures, become Amazon bestseller's, hosted their own workshops and events, sellout retreats, and more.

We provide the coaching, accountability, expert feedback and training needed in marketing, sales, and branding so you can fast track your way to success.

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Why Choose This Program?

Because I know that above all else you want to know if what I'm sharing will have an actual impact on the quality of your life, and your ability to serve others without adding more stress to your life.


Well, this is where things get a little controversial.


Many business coaches and mentors will tell you "Be unavailable for overwhelm", stay in your "feminine balance", just use the law of attraction, or that with their product or program you won't be stressed, you won't have to work hard, you won't get overwhelmed, you'll have work life balance and instantly (or almost instantly) become a glamorous jet setting entrepreneur.

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Verna Made 6 Figures in 12 Months!

Verna Johnson, realtor at Real Life, was successful when she came to us. After 12 months of working with our team, she doubled her revenue and made her first 6 figures. She has been featured in commercials, magazines and is on several boards. Her vision of leaving a spiritual and financial legacy is one fit for a queen.

Verna Johnson, Keller Williams Southwest

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I have prayerfully created this program created to support you and building your business from the ground up. You will never have to pay an extra $30,000 to get a question answered, get help with creating a system or mapping out a plan.


This program was specifically engineered to save you time and money. It provides you all the personalized consulting, tools and coaching you need to build your business. If a free resource is available you'll know.


We are the only business building program that provides help with the areas of marketing, sales, and technology (all things necessary for fast tracking the growth of a business) without sending you for outside help or telling you to hire five other people.


Here is what the Extraordinary Results! Coaching Program is… And what it's not

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The 6 Figure Christian CEO Program was engineered to help you make your first 50K through our proven Purpose & Profit Framework.


Your Next 12 Months Will Look Like This...

Purpose & Profit Framework Coaching

Work with me one on one to build out my proven Purpose & Profit Framework and create your first 50K in our business.

Twice a month you will meet with me privately via Zoom video to map out your Purpose & Profit Framework action plan and remove any limiting beliefs that are stopping you. This allows you to stay focused on your goals and see results quicker.

The coaching is highly customized to incorporate the framework in your business and help you build a business that works with your lifestyle, glorifies God, and helps you reach every person God has for you to reach!

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Momentum Messaging

Make progress every week, even when challenges and obstacles pop up with Momentum Messaging.

I host Office Hours weekly Tuesday - Thursday in our private texting app where you can bring your questions, get feedback on copy for a sales page or help on whatever would TRY to stop you from making progress. 


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Transformative Travel

You need to be refreshed, renewed and newly inspired, and those are all things that God has allowed me to accomplish when I travel to new places.

During your program, you will get access to 2 transformative retreats where you will have uninterrupted time to focus on you, your faith and your business!

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Embracing  Royalty - Winter Retreat

Barcelona, Spain - December 8-10, 2023


1 Peter 2:9 “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. ”

During the first week of December, we'll explore the duty we have as faith based entrepreneurs to be a light and see ourselves as the peculiar people and royalty we are! Prepare to feel inspired, renewed and leave on fire for Christ! 

Travel and accommodations are on you, your massage and afternoon tea the first day of the retreat are on us!

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Passive & Purpose - Spring Retreat

Venice, Italy - March 2024


Join us in late March to get reconnected to the purpose God has for your life AND create a stream of passive income in just 3 days! Each attendee will leave with a digital product or book created and ready to sell so they can enjoy passive income in the Summer!

We will also dive into our identity and the role that our faith plays in our business and every day lives. Each attendee will leave clear on the purpose of created them for and how to incorporate that in their business and everyday life.

Leave this retreat richer inside and outside!

Travel and hotel accommodations not included.

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She went from having an idea to a fully launched business with an Amazon Bestseller in 6 months 

Christian joined our program working full time and volunteering in her spare time. She had an idea for a business, but hadn't created it yet. After six months in our program, Christian Stewart, Lead Financial Coach of Do Better Financial, had launched her business, her website, published her first book, became an Amazon Bestseller, secured speaking engagements and had her first clients.


Christian Stewart, Owner and Lead Financial Coach at Do Better Financial


Let us hold your hand and guide you to developing your course, program and business! Sign up now to receive the training, tech support and accountability and feedback you need to make your "business idea" a reality.

Yes! Sign Me Up!

While in Our Program, Karissa Was Able to Quit Her Job & Sell Out Her Global Retreat

Karissa Littlejohn started our program unclear of what her business should be how to create a business where she actually made money.

Having now completed the being in our program, she sold out her Bali retreat, has spoken on stages across the country and she was able to quit her day job as a teacher to embrace her ever-growing new life as a full time (and jet setting) entrepreneur.

Karissa Littlejohn, She Flies Solo

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Work with me personally in the

6 Figure Christian CEO

12 Month Program
  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions/month  ($12,000)
  • Private Weekly text/email support ($12,000)
  • *2 VIP Days ($5,500)
  • Total value = $26,500
Tech & Branding Support
  • Website/Brand Audit ($4,500)
  • Unlimited Tech Support ($10,500)
  • Total Value = $15,000
Next Level Marketing Support
  • Monthly Marketing Audit ($6,000)
  • Unlimited Content Reviews ($8,500)
  • Total Value = $14,500
Total Value = $56,000


Your Investment:

One Time: $10,500 (Save $1,500!)
Easy Pay: 12 monthly payments of $1,000
Ready to Become a 6 Figure CEO!

She Got Clear On Her Next Step

Having a solid foundation in your business is similar to having a solid foundation to a house. If its shaky, at some point, you will run into issues.

Industry expert, Erin Jones, owner of Repbright came to our Business Building Beach Retreat and got clarity on who she wanted to serve, what she wanted to sell.


Erin Jones, Repbright


Bonuses! To Help You Build Your Business!

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Access to all Programs ($15,000 value) 

Get access to my entire program library! The Christian CEO, The Course Creation Academy, The Will Paid VA Certification and more!

(When you pay in full or after you've made your first 5 payments)

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2 Day Private Business Intensives ($5,500 value)

In one day, we will get more work done than you've been able to do in the last six months. Why? Because you'll have be removing the roadblocks or the general leeway of "not getting certain things done" to help you get fast results. During this intensive, we will map out your plan so you know exactly what you need to do and when!

(When you pay in full!)

What We Do

Over the last six years, our clients have gone from 5 to 6 figures, become Amazon bestseller's, hosted their own workshops and events, sellout retreats, and more.

We provide the coaching, accountability, expert feedback and training needed in marketing, sales, and branding so you can fast track your way to success.

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