Learn the proven step-by-step process of growing a service-based business where you serve others, glorify God, AND get paid for your expertise (even if you're currently in the red, running what feels like an expensive hobby and not getting traction from social media).


1-day LIVE Group VIP Experience
July 29th
9am - 3pm CST


Get the step by step process of building a business where you serve others, glorify God, AND get paid for it in your service based business (even if you haven't made $100 yet, you feel like it's an expensive hobby and you're not seeing results from social media).


Full 1-day LIVE Workshop
July 8, 2023
9am - 5pm CST



Get the #1 time-saving system to growing a business that lets you change lives and make money!

During This Live 3-Day Workshop Experience,

You'll Learn How To:

[9am-10am] Kickoff SessionEmbody Your God-Led Identity so You Operate From Faith & Confidence (so you feel less insecure and overwhelmed and naturally start to show up as the leader God has called you to be, leading a richer, fuller, and happier life)

[10:15am-11am] Session TwoMap Out Your 5-Figure Plan So You Know What to Do Each Week to Reach Your Goal (this plan will help you stay motivated and focused no matter what challenges pop up)

[11:15am-12:15pm] Session ThreeGet Off the "Expensive Hobby" Wheel and Get a Paid Client This Month (Trade in throwing spaghetti at the wall for a simple + proven marketing strategy that works)

[12:15pm-1pm] Lunch Break

[1:15pm-2pm] Session Four: Embody Your "Christian CEO Gene" and Create Confidence Around Your Pricing & Services (so you can be super clear and confident on what to charge and what it includes)

[2pm-3pm] Session FiveLearn My "Thought Leader in 90 Days" Strategy that Makes People See You as a Resource (even if you're brand new to your business' industry)

YES SIS! Let's Do This!!
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Verna Made Her First 6 Figures!

Using my Road to Wealth framework in my private coaching program, Verna doubled her income from the previous year and made her first 6 figures.

And if you're new to my community...


Hi, I'm Angel!


I went from running a non-profit that only made $500 in 3 years to running a business that allows me to travel the world and work from home. It allowed me to quit my daytime job, get published by Forbes and publish 2 Amazon bestsellers.


My Mission: I have help Christian women avoid the pitfall of creating and expensive hobby and make their first 5-figures with their God-given gifts!


One example is Karissa Littlejohn! Karissa attended my workshop, and after working with me for 7 months, she was able to quit her job.. and work in her business full-time because she had made more in her business than her annual salary!

Ready to get clarity and make your fitst 5-figures? (and stop throwing spaghetti at the wall for good)