Ma'am...You started your business to help people...

But you do want to make some money too!

And while you don't mind putting in effort, you don't want to spend every day, all day online trying to get a client then work with that client... it's draining...and not fun!


You would much rather have a way to attract them to you and serve them without it taking up a lot of your time.


I get it because I was in that place a few years. I sat in a cafe, happy that I had clients but also exhausted, and I asked God to give me a way to both grow my business to the level I wanted but in a way that I could physically handle...and that's when He gave me courses!


That answer turned into my Course Creation Academy!


It's a comprehensive program that helps you create your course so you can make money helping the people you want to serve without it taking up more of your time! It helps give you your life back!


 That won't work for me

  I don't know enough to create a course

  No one is going to pay me for a course

  I can't help my people though a course, they have to work with me one on one 

I'm not good with technology so there's no way I can make a course

 In reality, there are women making courses who are new to their industry and making great money!

 I know because I was one of them.

 In 2017, I had only been a coach for 6 months. I made my first course called Your First Figures and brought in over $25,000. 

 I teach you the entire process of how to create a course (an online product that you make one time and profit from over and over again without it taking up more of your time) in the Academy.

An unknown in the industry

Had an audience list of 0

Working a traditional 9-5 with a cute but small office
Working for a company hourly making way less than I should have been...

Happy when I got new client, but sometimes I felt nervous and dreaded getting on Zoom with clients I didn't know what to expect from

Hadn't heard of Canva, much less less knew what a course platform was


I prayed for this in 2013 not knowing then I would become an entrepreneur and be able to control where and when I work!

The flexibility of having an online business has changed my life completely. Before my business, I didn't even own a passport. 

Now, I've been to Cannes, Paris, Florence, Dubai, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. Getting to work in beautiful places and support beautiful people is a dream come true!

And the important thing to know...

You are no different than me... 

A year from now, your life could look totally different!

You could be creating your third course

Finally starting your membership subscription

Making 50K in revenue


Have a large following

and be a trusted expert and brand

...not to mention all the people you've helped and lives you changed! 

You could be celebrating just like our Course Creation Academy graduate Tierashia!


In the Academy, Tierashia created her course and sold her first 10 in less than 2 months!

It's not seflish to want a business that lets you do what you like, help people, make good money and spend as much time with your family, friends, and self as you want.

Courses are what makes that possible!


And that in my Course Creation Academy, I show you how to do it step-by-step.


Just Imagine it!

6 months from now... Your alarm has just gone and you get out of bed. You have a session with your personal trainer in an hour so you know you can't snooze.


As you slide your feet into your slippers you spend a few moments in gratitude thanking God for waking you up.


Thanking Him for the incredible life you have built. Thanking Him that you no longer have to drive to a day job that you enjoyed but didn't fulfill you like your business does.


Thanking Him for a business that lets you have breakfast with your kids with meals prepared by the chef you hired to meal prep once a week for you.


Thanking Him that after you work out when your trainer, your assistant will drive to your weekly massage before you go to brunch with other women in a mastermind you formed a few months.


"This is my life now", you say as you exhale. You look over at your husband who is still sleep and laugh a little as you remember when you told him how much money you had made in your business. 


That conversation had led to the first family trip that your business paid for in full. You all have had several since then, including the trip to Hawaii planned for later than month.


Then you start to get a little teary-eyed when you think of your clients and all the incredible stories you have been a part of, lives you've touched, and you feel so grateful to get paid to walk in your calling! 


You feel grateful to get paid so well for doing what comes naturally to you, for doing what you're passionate about.


Your phone starts buzzing reminding you that your personal training session starts in an hour so you head to the restroom to wash up so you have time from scripture and meditation before your session.


Later that day, when you're checking the numbers, you celebrate your first 11K month with enthusiasm before signing out for the day around 4pm to spend the evening with your family.


This... or whatever your ideal day looks like is 100% possible, and the Course Creation Academy can help you get there!

The Course Creation Academy!

This program was prayerfully created to include everything you need to both learn how to create your course and to help you learn how to market and sell it.  The program has 7 core modules and includes over 55 pre-recorded easy step-by-step videos to help you create your course even if you have no tech experience.


Most of the trainings are under 15 minutes because no one wants to have you watching 3-hour lectures. Instead, the bite-sized trainings help you take action so instead of pages of notes, you take action and start to see results very quickly.


(Let the coaching begin) Just buying this program won't do single thing to change your business or your life. But, if you are willing to dedicate a few hours a week to doing the work for 2 months, then you will have a fully made course and your first students!

Yes, this is exactly what I need!


Create A Profitable Foundation For Your Course

♥ Learn how to stay motivated during the process so you complete your course

♥ Find the "language"  and "pain points" of the people you serve so they' will want your course once it's ready

♥ Research and find where your audience is so you know where to go to build your community

♥ Use our Proven Method to Choose the Perfect Topic 

♥ BONUS: Course Creation Quickstart - Use this kit to create a small course in a week so you can earn money fast! ($97 VALUE)



Create Your Course Content

♥ Get help with choosing your course type and price

♥ Narrow down what part of your expertise to include

♥ Map out each part of your course so creating it is easy

♥ Learn how to be comfortable on camera so you know what to do, wear and say

♥ Create the foundational content of your course




Creating Your Course Content

♥ Choose and create your Course Enhancers

♥ Edit your course content (videos, audios, edit) with ease using our step by step tutorial

♥ Choose the course hosting platform thats right for your business and budget

♥ Build your course site so it's ready to be delivered

♥ BONUS: Tech Library - Get step by step guidance on how to setup your course and handle all the tech! 



Set Up Your Sales Process‚Äč

♥ Write the copy for your sales page with our Sales Page Planner

♥ Create your sales  page using my step by step tutorial

♥ Create your check out page so you're ready to sell your course and welcome new clients!

♥ BONUS: Kajabi Sales Page Template ($997 value)



Build Your Audience (AKA Marketing)

♥ Learn how to build your audience even if you're starting with 0.

♥ Position yourself as an Expert so people start reaching out to you for help 

♥ Create a juicy client "magnet" to help you grow your audience

♥ Create a funnel (aka a strategy to take people from being strangers to paid clients)



Launch Your Course!

♥ Learn the difference between a Starter Launch and Full Launch

♥ Learn how to plan a full launch

♥ Create the plan you need to market and launch your course to the world!

♥ BONUS: Customized Course Launch Marketing Plan & Schedule ($97 value)


That's why I've included these extra goodies for you!


This kit has the training and templates you need to plan and setup your sale in just a few hours! It includes the email templates you need to run a sale, the graphic templates you need for your sale banner, and product templates to market your sales on social media and online.

The Quickstart Course Creation Kit

Want to recover your investment quickly? Looking to boost your cash flow? The Quickstart Course Creation Kit helps you create a small course in a weekend.

Course Graphics & Templates Kit ($97 value)

mages are a big part of online marketing. People want to see what they are buying, even if its all digital. This kit come with templates and a training so know you exactly how to create the images you need to market your course. We've included templates for marketing, powerpoint slides, workbooks and more!


This pre-recorded workshop helps you become your own photographer and editor and create gorgeous images of yourself using your phone!

Ready to get started?‚Äč

In the Academy, Jackie was able to get clear on her topic and create her course!

Private Client

This client was able to create and complete her course, create and host her first webinar, and make her first course sale in less than a month!

In the Academy, Tierashia created her course and sold her first 10 in less than 2 months!

You'll Get Instant Access to the Program Soon As You Sign Up! 

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Course Creation Academy Curriculum (55+ pre-recorded trainings, 7 workbooks)





Self Paced


one time payment

  • Course Creation Academy Curriculum ($3,500 value)
  • Course Creation Workbooks ($197 value)
  • Sales Page Template ($997 value)
  • Course Creation Graphic & Template Bundle ($497 value)
  • Bonus: Pre-Sell Your Course - $99 value
  • Bonus: Quickstart Course Creation - $199 value
  • Bonus: Brandshoots on On Demand $299 value
  • Bonus: Lifetime Access

Total Value = Over $5,500


Supported Track


one time investment

  • Course Creation Academy Curriculum ($3,500)
  • Six 1:1 Coaching/Implementation Sessions ($3,500)
  • 12 Weeks of Slack Support ($3,000)
  • Course Creation Workbooks ($197)
  • Sales Page Template ($997)
  • Course Creation Graphic & Template Bundle ($197)
  • Bonus: Pre-Sell Your Course - ($99)
  • Bonus: Quickstart Course Creation - ($199)
  • Bonus: Brandshoots on On Demand ($299)
  • Bonus: Lifetime Access¬†

Total Value = Over $11,000


You are not alone and you can do this! And with this program, you are in good hands. It works if you do the work!

And if you're new to my community...

Hi, I'm Angel!

I went from running a non-profit that only made $500 in 3 years to running a multiple 5 figure business that allows me to travel the world and work from home. It allowed me to quit my daytime job, get published by Forbes and publish 2 Amazon bestsellers.

My Mission: I have help other women just like you create online programs and grow their business. One example is Karissa Littlejohn who was able to leave her job and work in her business full time after seven months in my program.

I created this program because we as women give and give and give. We deserve to receive as well. We deserve to receive compensation for our knowledge, our experience and our help. Thats what the Academy helps you do.



  • Access to a course site that will release weekly trainings that include videos and workbooks
  • Bonus templates and graphics that will help save you time and make the process a lot easier

I have helped many women who know nothing about technology create their websites, course sites, and videos.

The program gives you daily assignments each day to get you closer to having a course. 

I show you step-by-step on the "Upload your content" days how to create your course.  As long as you show, you will be able to do everything you need to create your course.

I have sold over $37,000 in online courses and programs and in the Academy, I show you an easy format you can use to ensure you pack your course with content that your future clients will be excited to pay for!

Let's do the math....

If you create a small course and sell it for $99, you only have to sell 11 to make your money back AND make profit!

If you create a mid-size program and offer it for $500, you only have to sell 5 to make your money back and make a $1500 profit!

And our 5K in 5 Weeks Formula (which is included) will show you how to do exactly that!

This is one for the few programs created to help you make your money back and nothing but profit after!

You create your course one time and you can sell it over and over and over!

Are you ready? Let's do it!

The goal of the program is to get you most results for the least amount of time (because we all have full lives!!). You will have lifetime access to the program. 

Timeline wise, many of our students finish their course in 30-60 days.

When you enroll! We created this program so you can jump on and get started on your course ASAP!

No questions, I'm ready for this!


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